The story tellings about five young girls who had a party in a bungalow after completing their college. In the bungalow there is a young servantboy is working for a night. All the girls had alcohol in the party and in the drunken state they become sexually wild and they start playing with the teenage boy then they altogether try to rape the servant boy. By mistake the servant boy dies. All the five girls get scared now what to do and they bury the servantnoy’s dead body in thelawn of the bungalow and rope the tree plant on his grave, so that no one comes to know about their act and thedeath of boy. After buriesthe dead body and wipe off all the clues from the place, girls leave the placeand comes back to their normal routine life. Five years later, three girls get married. One has a boyfriend. One is still single. But they still are good friends. One girl had just got married and she comes back from her honeymoon. After she returns from her honeymoon the give of them meet each other. They decide throw a party again in the same bungalow to celebrate the newlywed couple.

But the bungalow is now ghost infested. In the bungalow there is Raghu’s ghost and is waiting for them. Girls had forgotten what they had done five years ago. They thought everything had gone with the time and now nothing will happen anything them. These five girls and four boys landed at the place to have a party in the bungalow. But Raghu’s ghost starts giving them troubling. Weird and terrifying things started in the bungalows which they had not face it before in their life. The girls do not know why this happening with them is. Boys are surprised and confused. Slowly the happening twisted so badly and the girls’ comes to know that this is none other than only the ghost ofRaghu is after their life and trying to take revenge on them. Now the girls are compelled to disclose everything to their man. When the husbands come to know the reality of their wives that they had done such a thing, they get shocked. But what could they do with the wives in this situation. They keep their trap shut and decide to finish the ghost first. The war begins between the ghost and the human. Who will be remaining and who will be destroyed? This story has many twists and turns with lots of horrifying moments which will make people scared and thrilled.

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