Centuries ago a band of seven cannibalistic Indians was murdered by their peace-loving rivals the Katona tribe. Their spirits were eternally sealed in the earth with a sacred war axe. But before his death, the shaman cursed his killers with the dark promise that his bones and the bones of his brothers would one day return to seek retribution.


In the present, a trio of construction workers prepare a piece of land for construction on what the Katona tribe claims is holy ground. They discover an ancient Native American artifact and by removing it from the earth, unleash an evil spirit known as the Bone Eater.


A strange mist surrounds the men stripping the very flesh from their bones. Their bones morph into an animated skeleton creature the size of the three men. As the body count rises, the creature grows exponentially, becoming more powerful and indestructible with every innocent life it takes.


The only thing that stands in its way is small town Sheriff STEVE EVANS, his estranged teenage daughter KELLI, and the Katona Chief’s wise daughter KAYA. But if the Bone Eater survives the upcoming eclipse, it will gain immortality and can never to be stopped!

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