This movie telling about when a series of massive earthquakes occurs along the San Andreas Fault, the building pressure threatens to annihilate all of Los Angeles and beyond! But fortunately, there’s a small window of time before the cities around the fault line are completely obliterated once and for all.


After the first few disasters took LA by complete surprise, a total evacuation of the city takes place leaving only a scant few trapped survivors, and to make matters worse,a small group of convicts who have escaped a prison in the mayhem.


Amidst this chaos, one man, Calvin Hopkins is stranded in the disasterzone. When help arrives he eludes the very National Guardunit ordered to evacuate him. See, Calvin must make a desperate attempt to find his girlfriend, Ashley Wilkins. The last phone message Calvin received from her, before his phone went dead, lets him know that she is still trapped in the city as well!


The clock is ticking as the pressure beneath the city is building, ripping apart the city from the inside out! The government believes the only way to save the planet is to bomb the fault lines and literally rip them open in hopes of sacrificing a few cities to save the planet!


But in Los Angeles, the escaped convicts, led by a haddas named Carlos Dorado have other plans. They start taking innocent and stranded survivors as hestages in exchange for their safe transport out the disaster zone to Mexico. Stakes are raised when one of the hostages takes is Ashley. With Air Force bombers on the way, and LA becoming more unstable by the minute. CALVIN, against all odds must find and save Ashley and get them both out of the city!.

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